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OEM wise Car Sales for the Calendar Year 2020

The calendar year 2020 saw a total volume of about 24 lakh units car sales. This volume compared to the last calendar year of 29 lakh cars, is down by about 5 lakh odd numbers.

But, all is not gloomy, the H2 has seen a strong growth of about 2 lakh cars, which means the industry has fought back and fought back strongly.

The de-growth for the financial year stood at about: -17%.

So, if you are an industry player for the complete two year (2019 & 2020), then you can compare yourself as to where you stand against the last year volumes. With regards to the OEMs we have the two new entrants who continued to grow despite the challenges of the year 2020, they are namely Kia and MG. Tata Motors joined the growth story positively and has established itself as a formidable player in the car industry.

However, all other OEMs despite registering degrowth, have managed to register recovery in the second half of the calendar year.

When we look at the growth / de growth perspective the highest impact of loss in volume is obviously to the larger players. Maruti Suzuki had the highest volume hit, followed by Hyundai. However Mahindra has witnessed a larger drop in volume. The growth obviously came to three OEMs: Kia, Tata Motors & MG.

On a perspective of Percentage growth with relation to the last Calendar Year, we have and interesting analysis here. While the volume growth is relevant to the base of the previous year and size of the OEM, the Percentage de-growth shows a more level playing analysis of how has the OEM done with regards to the industry.

Market Share: While the market share game was dominated by Maruti Suzuki; we have interesting changes in terms of gains.

Top gainers for market share were : Kia with >4% gain in market share,  Tata Motors saw a gain of 1.80%, MG saw a gain of 0.62%, Renault saw a gain of 0.29% & Hyundai saw a gain of 0.07% .

Biggest loss of market share was witnessed by: Mahindra, Honda & Toyota, who saw a drop of over 1% in their Market share.

Ranking in terms of volume .

We have witnessed 5 OEMs climb up the ladder in terms of ranking.

Three OEMs retained their position.

The big jumps have come from Tata Motors, who climbed back to the podium. Followed by Kia and MG.

Biggest drop in the rankings have come from Mahindra, Honda & Nissan.

(This article was written by Aamir Ahmed, an auto zealot at heart, and rev-head by profession. You can connect with him at


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