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Ola Electric Scooter Official Images Revealed!

Ola's Future Factory at Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu is being prepared to roll out the upcoming Electric Scooter!

Ola Electric has revealed teaser images of its upcoming electric scooter. Ola Electric plans to do a Tesla, affordably! It is preparing itself to build electric scooters on a mega scale and has the following actions in place:

  • Procured a 500-acre New EV manufacturing site near Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu. It is similar to Tesla's Gigafactory in US. Ola's plant shall be almost two-third size of Tesla's facility.

  • The manufacturing plant is planned to have 10 assembly lines and drive automation by using 3000 robots. It shall also employ around 10,000 workers.

  • Ola is terming it as ‘Future Factory’, which when fully ready will produce 10 million e-scooters annually, making it the largest two-wheeler maker globally.

  • At full capacity, using 10 production lines - Ola Electric estimates one scooter will roll out every 2 seconds!

  • Although the initial plan of Ola Electric is to manufacture scooters, it is also planning to build separate plants for motor bikes and four-wheelers.

In May 2017, Ola had announced its acquisition of Amsterdam-based electric scooter EV Manufacturer – Etergo (source). The official images seem similar to Etergo Appscooter.

The Ola E-scooter has already been spied testing in India. Although the specifications have not been revealed; we expect the e-scooter will have 2 removable banana-shaped batteries with range of 240 km and the company is also building a charging network. It may also get the same telescopic front suspension (as Appscooter). The OEM is slated to initially import lithium-ion battery cells for the battery packs but is actively exploring setting up a cell manufacturing unit with a technology partner.


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