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Segmentwise Car Sales for September 2021 - SUVs dominate yet again!

SUV sales have risen to an all-time high in the Indian market and almost all the OEMs have an offering in the SUV category. Both Compact and Mid SUV segments have grown considerably and are now easily outselling the hatchbacks/sedans. Almost all new launches in the past year have been in the segment and even the recent launches (Taigun, XUV700, Astor, etc) signifies on how the automakers are eyeing this segment.

In Sep'21, Mid SUV segment emerged as the highest-selling segment and also recorded positive YoY growth. Mid SUVs hit the right spot in terms of the increasing demand among consumers and also have a profitable proposition for the automakers as it is a high-margin segment. The sudden influx of new models in the segment is the testimony of how all OEMs are rushing to make a presence here.

While Sedans are on a decline (Compact Sedan sales fell -67% & Executive Sedan sales by -27% in Sep'21); Skoda is all set to launch a new model in the segment - Slavia (source). Skoda has gained popularity in the Indian market basis a strong lineup of sedans (Octavia, Laura, Rapid) and they just don't want to shy away from the segment.

  • Mid SUV was the largest segment in terms of volumes and also recorded one of the highest YoY growth in Sep'21. 1 out of 5 cars sold in Sep'21 was a Mid SUV! The segment is going to get heated up further with the launch of Mahindra XUV700 and MG Astor.

  • Compact SUVs followed to the second position and recorded a YoY fall of 19 percent.

  • Even MUV sales shot above hatchbacks and ranked third in the list. The segment however fell 12 percent YoY.

  • Compact Hatchback segment contributed over 11% of the passenger cars sold in India for September 2021. Also; the segment recorded the highest YoY fall of 69 percent in Sep'21 vs Sep'20.

  • Premium Hatchbacks sales fell 46 percent YoY and ranked fourth in the table.

  • Entry Hatchbacks placed itself in the sixth position and had cumulative sales of 17,724 units in September 2021.

Segment Wise & Model Wise Sales Data –

1. Entry Hatchback Segment:

2. Compact Hatchback Segment:

3. Premium Hatchback Segment:

4. Compact Sedan Segment:

5. Executive Sedan Segment:

6. Premium Sedan Segment:

7. Luxury Sedan Segment:

8. Compact SUV Segment:

9. Mid-SUV Segment:

10. Premium SUV Segment:

11. MUV Segment:

12. Van Segment:

13. Lifestyle Off-roader Segment:


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