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Statewise & Citywise Compact SUV Sales in India – FY2020 (Part 1)

Do read on our analysis of FY2020 Statewise & Citywise Hatchback Sales in India – here

Citywise Sales Analysis is a section that we have tried to cover for a very long time. However; the vastness of our country and the complexity of the data have deterred our efforts. But, since inception we have strived to present the data our readers want. And we take our Statewise & Citywise Sales analysis to the next level with this post.

We will extensively cover the Compact SUV sales in the Indian states for FY2020 here and shall cover top cities (Zonewise & Statewise) in the subsequent posts.  The points to consider for this post are –

  1. The sales numbers reported here is the Wholesale/Dispatch data (cars sold from the manufacturers to their authorized dealers).

  2. The sales period in consideration here is FY2020 (Apr’19 – Mar’20).

  3. Sub-4m Compact SUV figures shall be analysed in this article. The models in consideration are Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon, Ford Ecosport, Honda WR-V, Mahindra XUV300 & TUV300.

  4. As it is an independent analysis/research; there may be certain degree of variance and shall not be 100% accurate.

We start with the Statewise Compact SUV Sales Numbers for FY2020 –

  1. Uttar Pradesh is India’s biggest market for Compact SUVs! Almost 11.6% of India’s Compact SUVs is sold in UP alone. The state sold an average of 3,326 Compact SUV’s per month in FY2020.

  2. PS: The biggest state in terms of Hatchback Sales was Gujarat and UP had ranked third (Source). Poor Road conditions and the need of rugged vehicle has made a higher spurt in Compact SUV sales in Uttar Pradesh.

  3. Maharashtra ranked second in terms of Compact SUV sales and contributed to 11.2% of the country’s C-SUV volumes. However; Maharashtra had ranked second too in terms of hatchback sales.

  4. Haryana outsold states like Gujarat & Karnataka to emerge No.3 in the ranking table. Haryana’s love for C-SUVs is pretty evident in the sales volumes.

  5. Gujarat came in 4th in C-SUV sales; whereas it had ranked first in hatchback sales!

  6. Karnataka was the largest Southern state and nation’s 5th ranked state for C-SUV volumes. Telangana too has a strong contribution in C-SUV volumes and both K’taka & Telangana were able to pip Kerala in this segment. Do note that Kerala was South’s No.1 state in terms of hatchback sales.

  7. Not a single East Zone state fared in the Top 10. However; West Bengal was East Zone’s biggest state in terms of  C-SUV sales and contributed to 2.1% of nations C-SUV volumes.

Zonewise Compact SUV Sales Figures & Market Share for FY 2020 – 

  1. North Zone was the largest zone with a sale of 1,17,737 units of Compact SUVs in FY2020

  2. West Zone came in second with contribution of 1,06,683 units

  3. South & East were ranked 3rd & 4th respectively

  1. Maruti’s Brezza had the highest Market Share in the Northern part of the country where it recorded a Market Share of 38% v/s national MS of 32%.

  2. Hyundai’s Venue had its stronghold in the eastern part of the country; while it was weak in Brezza’s strong turf (North).

  3. Tata registered its highest Market Share for Nexon in Southern states. Though; in terms of volumes North contributed the highest.

  4. Ford had an higher acceptance in South & East Zones. The same was clearly visible in the respective Market Shares.

  5. XUV300 fared the best in Eastern area of the country! The units sold in East was almost equivalent of the South – While overall Compact SUV sales in South is more than double that of the East!

We shall drill down the figures statewise and also highlight the top selling cities in the coming posts.


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