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SUVs are the biggest PV segment for the month of July. Maruti is most balanced in each segment.

The auto industry saw a total volume of about 2,94, 290 units. This was one of the strongest come back after the lockdown and covid restrictions. The OEMs produced the maximum possible cars and shipped them to the dealerships for the pre-festive season stocking and for the already prevalent pent-up customer demand.

  • SUV segment with a volume of 1,25, 347 units was the biggest car segment.

  • Next was the hatchback segment, which registered a volume of about 1,12,832 units. The % of total business for the hatchbacks however was down to 38.34%

  • The MUV came in third with 30,265 units followed by the shrinking segment of Sedan which registered a volume of about 25,839 units and a contribution of 8.78% to the total PV industry in July 2021.

Below Chart shows: Segment-wise contribution in each of the OEM's Sales :

  • Maruti Suzuki had the most balanced portfolio with decent representation in each segment. 54.34% of the sales came from Hatch. 17.57% sales came from MUV, 8.91% came from Sedan and 19.18% came from SUV.

  • Hyundai did not have representation in the MUV segment. However, the strong show in the SUV segment continued with more than 50% sales coming from SUVs.

  • Tata divided its volumes, fairly between the Hatchback and SUV segments. MUV again was not represented.

  • Toyota with its Innova had a major share of its volume coming from the MUV segment. followed by the SUV segment which contributed about 32.34% of its total sales.

Other Key Highlights:

  • Mahindra, Kia, MG, Nissan, and Fiat/Jeep: had more than 90% of its volumes coming from the SUV segment.

  • Toyota had the highest dependency on MUV, because of its Innova.

  • Maruti & VW were the only 2 OEM's who had more than 50% of their volumes coming from the Hatchback segment.

  • Honda was the only OEM with greater than 50% dependency on the Sedan Segment.


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