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Suzuki Access sold 4,17,601 units in FY 2021 and is the highest-selling model of Suzuki for FY2021.

Suzuki two-wheelers have only 6 models on sale in India during the FY 2021. Out of which they managed to have a total volume of about 5,21,474 numbers. This was about 1,63,745 numbers lesser than the previous year, where Suzuki managed a volume of about 6,85,219 numbers. Suzuki did manage to register marginal growth in two out of its six models. Namely Burgam and Intruder. Which was about 75 and 219 growth volumes respectively.

Suzuki Access was the and continues to be the flagship model of Suzuki in India. the scooter sold about 4,17,601 units in FY 2021. The model was the number 1 selling two-wheeler for Suzuki in India. The Volume drop however was strong, we saw a volume drop of about 1,53,297 numbers. FY1920 Suzuki Access saw a total volume of about 5,70,098. It was also considered as the only challenger to Honda Activa at that time.

The rest of Suzuki's models continue to struggle in the Indian Market. We have not seen any sharp rise in their volumes or contributions. If we exclude the contribution of Access as a model, the total volume of Suzuki falls to as low as 1,03,873 numbers.

Suzuki with its new Hayabusa ( LY Zero volumes ) is confident to have a representation in the upper premium segment. However, the Indian Mass market is where the volumes of the Indian Bike and scooter Industry come from and Suzuki does require stronger models in these segments. Both variants of the Gixxer continue to drop drastically and the Intruder doesn't seem to gain any momentum. It's time for Suzuki two-wheeler to learn from it's sibling in the car segment as to what works in the Indian Auto Industry and adapt faster than what is currently being done.


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