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Tata Nexon EV is all set to record the ‘Fastest’ Kashmir to Kanyakumari drive by an EV!

Nexon EV takes on the Kashmir to Kanyakumari challenge and plans to complete 4000 km in 4 days with an enhanced range of 453 km, backed by the Highway Charging infrastructure.

The Nexon EV will embark on a challenging journey from Srinagar to Kanyakumari. Starting 25th February, the Nexon EV will traverse through 4000 km in 4 days in a non-stop drive (stops to be made only for charging the vehicle), to create the record for the fastest K2K drive by an EV.

On this journey, the Nexon EV will cut through the harsh weather conditions and a multitude of difficult terrains of the Indian subcontinent. This exercise is aimed at showcasing the prowess of the Nexon EV in managing high-speed and long-distance travel and also highlight the availability of public charging network through the length and breadth of the country.

Commenting on this exciting expedition, Mr. Vivek Srivatsa, Head, Marketing, Sales and Service Strategy, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd., said, “Being a new evolving technology, it is important to demonstrate the capabilities and possibilities of EVs in real world and in real time conditions. By setting out on this ambitious journey with the Nexon EV, we want to inspire existing and prospective EV owners by offering them a conclusive proof of the benefits of the Nexon EV’s long range, accompanied by the growing charging stations, installed by our ecosystem partners at Tata Power.

We are excited to kick-start this enthralling journey with the Nexon EV, offering an enhanced range of 453km, in which a team of auto enthusiasts, EV believers along with my colleagues and I will be navigating through 4000 kms from North to the South of India, in the least possible time. We are aiming at clocking a 1000kms per day and I am sure that the Nexon EV will just breeze through. I am confident that this K2K drive will boost EV adoption in India, making it a mainstream choice for buyers.”


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