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The most comprehensive analysis on Indian Passenger Vehicle Sales for FY2019-20

We had published the modelwise sales for FY2020 v/s FY2019 earlier – here.

We now have bracketed all the models into their respective segments and and collated the volumes for better understanding. This shall give us a glimpse on how every OEM have placed their models in the Indian sub-continent and how they fare vis-á-vis the competition.

First let us see the number of offerings of every OEM in the segments –

  1. Maruti has the highest number of models in its portfolio and was present in 10 out of 13 segments shown in comparison here! Do note that Maruti is primarily non-existent in >₹ 15 Lakh vehicle segments (Premium Sedan, Luxury Sedan & Premium SUV).

  2. Hyundai has 10 models in sales in India and is able to cover 8 out of 13 segments. Hyundai here has attempted to make a presence in >₹ 15 Lakh segments (Premium Sedan & Premium SUV).

  3. Do observe that Mid-SUV had the highest number of offerings (15 nos) in FY2019-20. Also MUV had the third highest number of offerings (after compact hatch) and sold 13 models in FY2019-20.

  4. Overall 96 models have been taken into the consideration and have been divided into their respective segments in the aforementioned list OEM-wise.

Let us now compare the combined sales performance of the models in the segments –

  1. The Top 3 segments in terms of volumes as shown above is – Compact Hatchback (23%), Premium Hatchback (13%) and Compact SUV (13%).

  2. Maruti Suzuki is the undisputed market leader for the past so many years & one of the key reasons being its range of products. Also note the volumes Maruti sells in the respective segments.

Let’s study segmentwise sales contribution by the respective OEMs and which OEM topped in those segments –

  1. Maruti Suzuki was the undisputed leader in FY1920 and led in 8 out of 13 segments (Entry,Compact, Premium Hatchbacks; Compact & Executive Sedan; Compact SUV, MUV, Van) and these segments contributed 88% of the car volume in 2019-20

  2. Honda was the leader in Premium Sedan- 3rd smallest segment of the Passenger Car Industry

  3. Skoda was the undisputed leader in Luxury Sedan- the smallest segment of Car Industry

  4. Hyundai was the market leader in Mid SUV but facing tough fight from Kia which is just behind by 0.2%share

  5. Toyota had a clear lead in Premium SUV segment with Fortuner

  6. Mahindra was the leader in Lifestyle/ Offroader segment with the Thar

Pictorial Representation of the segment leaders –


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