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The secret behind the recent success of Tata Motors: "Diesel". Maruti's loss is Tata's gain.

The product mix amongst Passenger Cars has now been overwhelmingly towards “Petrol”.

This was not so … for a long long time, especially in India.

As early as 2012, Diesel Sales contributed to as much as 60% of total sales.

There had been a flurry of activities and all the major Auto players including Maruti, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, Mahindra, Tata, and others had invested in Diesel Technology and plants. They had even sought a clear guideline from the Indian Government for its Diesel Engine policy.

Now, in 2020, we have a situation where Maruti has withdrawn totally from the Diesel segment and all, including Maruti, have started focussing on Petrol Engine Technology and the newer technologies of Electric Vehicle platforms and Hybrid technologies.

In 2020, Petrol Cars contributed to over 82% and Diesel Cars around 16% while the others including EV contributed to less than 1%.

But Tata Motors continues to have a strong Diesel Engine lineup of vehicles in its range.

Tata Motors has been the silver lining in the revival of the Passenger Vehicle Industry in the Pandemic year.

Its new range has propelled its sales to almost double the pre-pandemic volumes at consistent volumes of more than 20K per month. It has reached its eight-year high this year and continues to have a strong customer demand. And its Diesel Vehicles continue to deliver great satisfaction to its customer and sales volumes for the company.

This FY 2021: Tata Motors achieved its almost 10 years Highest wholesale figures.

And 16% of that came from Diesel.

If we look at specific models where Tata Motors is offering Diesel as a fuel type, we have a contribution as high as 18% of the total sales of these select models.

A closer look at the "USP" of Tata Motors Diesel Range cars :

The Tata Altroz Hatchback

The ideal hatchback for the city roads.

Its engine specifications are: 1.5 LTurbo Charged Revotorq Diesel Engine. Max Power 66.2 kW(90 bhp) @ 4000 rpm and Max Torque 200 Nm@1250-3000 rpm.

The Altroz hatchback is powered by a 1.5 liter,90 hp Diesel Engine, which offers power and superior mileage too. The car comes with cutting-edge technology and is BS6 certified. In the exhaust gases, it is 80% more cleaner in terms the particulate matter and 68% in terms of NOx pollution compared to its earlier BS4 variant.

And on queries of performance, due to BS6 upgradation, the Altroz answers this by offering a fuel efficiency of 25 kmpl – making it best in fuel efficiency in its segment as also amongst all the other hatchbacks too.

It also is very gorgeous to look at and has achieved a gold standard 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash tests, meeting exacting safety standards.

The Tata Harrier SUV & New Safari:

This SUV's are available only in the Diesel Version with options of a manual or an automatic gearbox.

The performance of the Harrier will put to rest all the doubts regarding the inadequacy of the performance of BS6 models over that of the BS4 models.

Its engine specifications are Kryotec 2.0L Turbo Charged Diesel Engine. Max Power 125 kW(170 bhp) @ 3750 rpm and Max Torque 350 Nm@1750-2000 rpm.

The BS6 Harrier delivers a maximum power of 170 bhp – more than 30 bhp over its earlier BS4 version. The Diesel version SUVs, like here too, offer higher torque than the Petrol version SUVs.

It also comes with a panoramic sunroof and also an airplane-throttle-style handbrake. Driving it can make one believe that he/she is in a cockpit and simulating driving a fighter jet. A great experience to have while driving on the highway.

The Tata Nexon

The perfect SUV for driving in City and Highway conditions is the Nexon.

Its engine specifications are: 1.5 L Turbo Charged Revotorq Diesel Engine. Max Power 110 hp @ 4000 rpm and Max Torque 260 Nm@1500- 2750 rpm.

It is packed with fine elements that will your driving a sheer pleasure. Elements like: a 6-speed manual or AMT gearbox option, high ground clearance, panoramic sunroof, a superior suspension. It also comes with a roomy cabin, comfortable seats, and lots of luggage space.


The Tata Diesel Engine vehicles will clear all perceptions of Diesel Engine vehicles being smokey, having high vibrations, lesser power, and being more commutable rather than that for the pleasure of sheer driving.

Tata Motors and its continued confidence and technological development in the Diesel Platform offers a ray of hope for the Diesel Technology continuing to inspire confidence in the customers of the strong future of the Diesel Platform.


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