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Top 25 Selling Cars of FY2020

We have been closely monitoring the sales statistics of the Indian Automobile Industry and we place higher weightage to the FY (Fiscal Year) data as it represents a longer timeline and gives a clearer picture of the sales trend. The Indian Automobile Industry witnessed a turbulent FY20 and degrew -17.3% in comparison to FY19.

You may ask on why we have an exclusive post for Top 25 selling cars – The sole reason is that these 25 cars contributed to over 82% of the overall cars sold (among 101 models on sales in the Indian market). If you dive even further; the Top 10 models sold almost 52% of the overall cars sold in India!

Before going to the Best Selling cars of FY20; you can refer the FY19 sales performance – here.

  1. Maruti Alto retained the Top Slot and emerged as the Best Selling Car of FY20. However; it degrew -26% in FY20 v/s FY19.

  2. The Top 7 models were from Maruti’s stable. And apart from Maruti; 3 Hyundai models fared in the Top 10 list.

  3. i20 was the Best Selling Hyundai for FY20. It had a significant lead from the likes of i10 & Venue to emerge as the best seller.

  4. The Non-Maruti & Non-Hyundai in the Top 15 were – Kia’s Seltos & Mahindra’s Bolero.


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