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Top 5 selling cars of Dec’18 – Contest

The Industry is going through a topsy turvy phase and a lots of ups and downs has been seen in the list of best selling cars for Dec’18.

This month statistics has been pretty interesting and we thought of announcing a 1-day contest where our readers can participate and guess the Top-5 selling cars of the month!

The rules of the contest shall be –

  1. You need to click on the comment button on the post submit your entry

  2. Please ensure the right mail id is entered while sharing your details in the comment box. This shall help us contact you correctly.

  3. The Top 5 selling cars could be named in any order (i.e ranking of the model can vary; however the model shall be included in the list). Ex: ‘Product A’ could be the second best selling car of Dec’18. However, for this contest to make things easier; the mention of the product name shall be enough.

  4. The contest is valid only for today (4th Jan 2019) and no entries post this date shall be considered.

So what’s in it if you win the contest?

The first 5 right guesses (winners) shall be featured as a ‘Pundit’ in our next post with a small intro of theirs. And yes; they shall also avail the exclusive repository of the data we collate about the industry!

Why wait, hit the comment button right now!


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