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Top-selling MUVs of February 2021

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Often called the people’s movers. This segment is primarily for families and travelers.

The segment has seen degrowth in terms of volumes of about double-digit -14%. Sadly we have also seen two models: Xylo and Hexa who were here LY Feb, but not now.

  • Ertiga with its high-value offerings seems to have continued to hold on to the rank1 position in this segment. However, it has seen degrowth of -17%.

  • Innova with its supply issues getting sorted should see stronger consolidation here on. As of now, we see Innova grow by about 10%.

  • Bolero, the strong horse of Mahindra, continues its strong contribution with 19% growth.

  • However, apart from these, we don’t see any strong movement from the rest of the players. We either have degrowth or we have discontinuation.


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