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Toyota surpasses 1.5 crore global sales of hybrid vehicles!

Toyota reaches the global volumes of 1.5 crore hybrid vehicles 23 years after the global debut of the 1st generation Prius!

Demand for hybrids has gone up for Toyota. While it took 15 years (1997-2012) to cross the 50 lakh unit hybrid vehicles sales; it sold another 50 Lakh units within next 4 years (by 2017). What previously took the company five years has happened in only three, as here we are in the second quarter of 2020 and the 1.5 crore unit sales milestone has been passed.

Sales of Toyota’s hybrid vehicles have soared as the company has combined its hybrid technology with the dynamic, safety and styling benefits inherent in its new series of TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platforms. Toyota’s technological leap forward which began with Prius in 1997, has now evolved into a global phenomenon with Toyota’s hybrid vehicle sales adding 1.5 crore units across all Toyota brands. Takeshi Uchiyamada, now known as the “father of the Prius,” led a team whose goal was to create a car for the 21st century. Since then, hybrid vehicle demand has only grown, and Toyota has continually refined its hybrid powertrain technology to deliver ever-lower emissions and ever-better fuel economy.

Toyota has been the world leader not only in sales; but in terms of reduced CO2 emissions as well. Toyota is credited to have reduced by more than 120 million tons worldwide with its hybrid model sales. Toyota is now planning to launch 40 new or updated electrified vehicles across the next five years. Unfortunately; India has been a laggard in accepting Hybrid vehicle technology and high-taxation structure on Hybrid vehicles has even demotivated the likes of Toyota & Honda to bring in more vehicles with hybrid powertrain. See; how hybrid vehicles can be very beneficial to address CO2 emissions in India too; but government taxation structure has been wholly unfair.


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