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Tractor Sales Statistics – September 2020

Tractors sales in India continued its strong sales momentum and reported a growth of 28.4% in Sep’20 v/s Sep’19.

Tractor sales was positively impacted with the monsoon progress and spread. Riding high on back of good monsoons, favorable Kharif season and increased disposal income in the rural areas majority OEMs registered double-digit growth in September 2020 sales.

OEM wise Tractor Sales Performance for September 2020 – 

  1. Mahindra + Swaraj commanded a Market Share of 38.99% in September 2020 and it recorded the highest market share fall by -3.6% when compared to September 2019.

  2. Sonalika registered a record Market Share increase of 2.24% in Sep’20 v/s Sep’19. It also registered a YoY growth of 51.4%! Sonalika has been extremely consistent in the past few months and the sales growth is a testimony of it. It infact posted their highest ever monthly sales in Sep’20!

  3. TAFE registered sales growth too and grew 38% in Sep 2020 v/s Sep 2019. It saw its market share increase by 1.2% and ranked second in the list.

  4. Escorts  recorded a YoY growth of 8.9% and its market share fell by -1.8%.

Tractor OEM Market Share in India for September 2020 – 


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