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TVS Jupiter & Apache together with 8,66,110 units, save TVS during the pandemic FY2021

TVS motors registered a total sales volume of about 21,63,167 units. This compared to the previous year's volume of 23,77,986 units, was a drop of about 2.14 Lakh Units.

If we look at the volume drop, TVS has had the least impact of the pandemic. Whereas other two-wheeler OEMs have had a much bigger volume drop. Also, TVS had only discontinued 1 model in FY 2021, which was, Wego.

If we look at the model-wise figures, the monopoly player in the Moped segment, TVS XL, continued the dream run, with over 6.17 lakh units. This was a marginal drop of hardly 19,565 units. For all two-wheelers which have sold greater than 6 lakh units, this is the lowest drop in volume.

However, TVS has managed to have the same success story across models. They have minimized the impact of the product, with strong performances across their portfolio.

TVS Jupiter contributed over 5.40 Lakh units, which was again a strong performance with single-digit degrowth. And so did the TVS apache which sold close to 3,25,644 units again with controlled degrowth of about 10%

Ntorq, Sport & Radeon have cumulatively contributed another 4lakhs+ volume. which means each product and each product segment has contributed, which cumulatively has helped TVS put up a decent show on the volume's front.


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