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Two Wheeler Export Statistics for January 2020

While the domestic market is facing a downturn; Two Wheeler manufacturers have shifted the focus on exports. The exports crossed 3 Lakh units in January 2020 and grew a healthy 23% v/s Jan’19. The Indian OEMs like Bajaj & TCS in particular have been extremely aggressive in exports and 7 out of Top 10 models are from the Indian OEMs. Strong demand of Made-in-India motorcycles from markets like Bangaladesh, Africa & Latin America has led to increased volumes of exports from the Indian bike makers. India ranks 4th in terms of highest dollar value worth of motorcycle Exports – Around motorcycles worth $2.1 billion were exported from Indian in 2018! Top 20 Exported Two Wheelers in January 2020 –

  1. Over 1.16L units of Boxer 100c+150cc were exported in January 2020! And do note that the model is not even on sale in the domestic market. Brand Boxer alone contributes to >38% of Two Wheeler exports from India!

  2. The highest exported marque from TVS Two Wheelers is Star City. TVS exports its motorcycles to over 50 countries (includes many African, Asian and Latin American countries).

  3. Among Japanese Brands; Dio was the only model to cross 10k exports volume. It was also Honda’s only model to fare in the Top 10 exported models.

  4. The Top 10 exported models contribute to >70% of overall Two Wheeler exports!

  5. Also >82% of the Two Wheeler exports come from he Top 20 exported models!


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