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Two Wheeler Exports Statistics – August 2020

Around 2,55,842 two wheelers were exported from India in August 2020 and yet again Bajaj’s Boxer emerged as India’s largest exported two wheeler marque! The 2W exports fell -14% YoY.

List of the Top 10 Exported Two Wheelers from India in August 2020 –

  1. The Top 10 exported models contributed to over 68% of the overall two wheeler exports.

  2. Do note that not a single scooter fares in the list of Top 10 exported Two Wheelers! Also 100cc bikes dominate the export volumes from India.

  3. It is also interesting to see that neither Hero nor Honda has a model in the Top 10 list! Bajaj has lions share here with 6 models in Top 10, followed by TVS with 3 models and Yamaha with 1 model.

  4. Bajaj’s Boxer & Star City were the clear favorites and significant volumes are being exported every month. Surprisingly both these models don’t sell that well in the Indian market!

Modelwise Two Wheeler Exports from India in August 2020 – 


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