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2020 SUV Sales – Hyundai & Kia contribute to 49% of the SUVs sold in India

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Hyundai and Kia sold a combined 3,15,532 SUVs in 2020 and had a collective Market Share of 48.7%. Creta & Seltos emerged as the best selling SUVs for the respective OEMs.

  1. Hyundai emerged as India’s Biggest SUV manufacturer and commanded a Market Share of ~28% in 2020!

  2. It was closely followed up by its sibling Kia Motors. Kia outsold the likes of Mahindra & Maruti in terms of SUV sales and ranked second in the table.

  3. Mahindra seats itself in the third spot and sold 1.3 Lakh SUVs in the year 2020. M&M which was once known to be ‘The Maruti of SUV segment’ as it had >50% Market Share in the segment – has lost significantly to the new entrants in the segment (Hyundai/Maruti/Kia).

  4. Maruti’s performance in the segment is largely dependent on Brezza. As the model shed its Diesel engine; the loss of sales was significantly higher. Even S-Cross & Gypsy couldn’t contribute much.

  5. Tata ranked 5th in the table and had 2 SUVs on sale in 2020 – Nexon & Harrier. With the 2021 Safari stepping in; will Tata strengthen its presence in the segment?

A look at the Top 10 Selling SUVs of 2020 – RankOEMModelCY 2020CY 2019YoY (%)1HyundaiCreta96,98999,736-2.8%2KiaSELTOS96,93245,494113.1%3MarutiVitara Brezza83,6661,27,094-34.2%4HyundaiVenue82,42870,44317.0%5MahindraBolero55,43369,656-20.4%6TataNEXON48,84249,312-1.0%7KiaSONET38,3630–8MahindraXUV30032,19740,197-19.9%9MahindraScorpio31,24046,725-33.1%10FordEcosport27,18139,989-32.0%

  1. Hyundai Creta was the best-selling SUV in India with sales of 96,989 units in the year 2020.

  2. Kia Seltos was just 57 units short of Creta and ranked second. Seltos has had a splendid journey in the Indian market and single handedly established Kia as a prominent SUV maker in India.

  3. Maruti’s Brezza ranked third with dispatches of over 83.6k units in 2020. It was also India’s best selling Sub-4m Compact SUV for 2020. However; it degrew a hefty -34.2% YoY and lacks a diesel engine in its portfolio.

  4. Hyundai’s Venue followed Brezza closely and ranked 4th in the table.

  5. The Top 10 models had 2 models from Hyundai, 2 from Kia, 1 from Maruti, 3 from Mahindra 1 from Tata and 1 from Ford.


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