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April to October 2021, Manufacturer wise two-wheeler Industry, figures. Hero beats Honda for Rank1

Hero retains Rank1 position in the two-wheeler industry. But, Honda is gaining a stronghold on the Market share front. The Two-Wheeler Industry clocked a figure of about 80,59,237 units this year YTD against last year's volume of about 80,38,888 units. The Industry has been almost flat with a marginal growth of about 20,349 units.

  • Hero retained Rank1, however, there is a strong volume drop for Hero. Hero saw a drop in volume of about 2,69,494 units. This is about -8.68% drops against LY volumes. Also, Hero expressed a market share drop of -3.44% with a market share of 35.17%

  • Honda is the second-highest growth OEM by volume with about 1,01,813. Honda clocked the 20L units. The market share now stands at 25.95% with strong growth of about 1.20%

  • TVS now strengthened the rank 3 position, hitting above the 11L volume again and with a volume growth of about 49,901 units. The market share stands at 14.73%

  • Bajaj continues to hit the above 10L figures for YTD, the same as last year. The market share stood at 12.77%

  • This year seems to be the year of Suzuki, with the highest volume growth of about 1,09,141. Suzuki has the highest gain in market share of about 1.35%. Suzuki has reached about 4.36% market share for YTD.

  • The rest of the OEMs have managed to garner marginal growth as against LY. However, Royal Enfield is the only OEM that has degrown YTD with about volumes of -8,322 units.


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