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Auto Industry Exports for June'21: 2W, 3W, UVs, Cars & Vans.

The Auto Industry Exported about 4,46,654 units. This was about 2L units growth over LY volume of about 2,45,933 units. The growth was about 81% over LY June 2020.

  • The Two Wheelers continued to contribute highest in terms of volumes, with over 77% of the total volumes coming from the Two Wheeler Segment. The PV segment with its volume of 52,935 units, contributed to about 11.8% of the total exports. The Three wheeler segment contributed about 10% of the total exports.

  • The Two wheeler segment saw handsome contribute of 3,47,035 units. The Motorcycles continued to dominate the turf with 3,22,314 units. The growth of the overall Two wheeler segment stood at 77.45% . However, its worth noting that the Scooter segment grew by 144%.

  • The Three Wheeler segment had a similar story to tell, the total segment grew by 80.91% . However, the Goods carrier despite low volumes had a strong growth. The Passenger Carrier grew by 75% and registered a volume of 45,278 units.

  • The PVs continued to have a stellar year domestically and for exports. The volumes stood at 52,935 units which was more than double of LY. The growth was about 28,374 units, which was about 115% growth over LY.

With over 4,46,654 units already exported this year, the Auto Industry is marching towards a stellar year for exports. All OEM's have caught up on the volumes and have got in lot of focus towards the International Markets.


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