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Entry Hatchback Sales Performance – Q1 FY2021

Around 16,146 units of entry hatchbacks were sold in India for Q1 FY2021 and Alto emerged the best selling entry hatch with a Market Share of 55%.

  1. Maruti still continues to dominate the entry hatchback segment with a collective Market Share of 78%. Both Alto & S-Presso combined contributed to sales of 12,453 units against segment volumes of 16,146 units.

  2. S-Presso has been able to sneak away volumes from Kwid and is now the second best selling Entry Hatch!

  3. The updated Renault Kwid could garner a Market Share of just 19% and sales of 3,125 units in the first 3 months of FY2021.

  4. Redi-Go ranked last with sales of 568 units and could gain a market share of just 4% in the segment.


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