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Ertiga registered its all time highest sale in Mar’19!

Ertiga sold >8k units in a month (Mar’19) for the first since its launch!

Since the Ertiga was launched in March 2012; never has the model crossed 8k units in the past 84 months! However; the New Ertiga has given a fresh lease of life for the model and catapulted its sale to an all time high. This volume comes at a time where the segment was ignored and had a fresh competition in the name of Mahindra Marazzo. Maruti proves that it is magically capable of extracting volumes from a segment which was otherwise losing steam. Let us have a look at the performance of the offerings in the MPV segment –

  1. The MPV segment grew an impressive 12% YoY and registered a sale of 27,918 units in Mar’19. The segment was backed by strong numbers from the segment leader Ertiga and was supported by Toyota’s Innova & Mahindra’s Marazzo.

  2. Renault today confirmed its intent to launch its next offering in this segment and has named it ‘TRIBER’. It shall be a critical launch for the French Automaker; as it has already burnt its fingers with Lodgy. Renault needs to both position and price the vehicle really well to make an impact in the segment. Also the product has to stand against the mighty Ertiga & Marazzo!

  3. Xylo/Hexa/GO/Sumo/Lodgy – less said, the better.

Ertiga & Marazzo have just raised the hopes for the overall segment and is showing that there is still juice left here.


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