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Hero Pleasure and not Honda Activa is the Number 1 growth Scooter in India for FY 2021

The Scooter Industry saw a strong volume contraction throughout the financial Year. . In total, the scooter Industry saw a volume of about 44,79,848 numbers, which was about 1M in degrowth against the previous year.

When you see such a strong drop in volumes, one must note and appreciate those brands that have turned the tide and have grown despite the market situation.

The top 10 fastest growing scooters contributed a volume of about 6,64,597 numbers with a growth of about 1,12,625 numbers.

  • The fastest-growing scooter came from Hero's stable which grew by about 48,265 numbers. The Hero Pleasure registered the 2 lakh+ volume to get their foothold back in the scooter segment.

  • The second scooter also came from Hero's house , which was the Destini 125. The volume growth stood at 30,388 which was about 27% growth in percentage perspective. The total volume for this model stood at 1,44,332 units.

  • Next came Yamaha Ray with a growth of about 23,163 numbers. The total volumes registered by Ray stood at 1,30,648 numbers.

  • The fourth spot came to Aprilia SR160 with about 10,580 numbers growth and the Fifth highest growth came from Maestro which was a marginal 1.06% growth at 95,533 volumes.

While its note worth seeing these scooters have registered growth. all 21 other Scooters failed to register growth. The Scooter segment saw a drop of about 10,85,836 numbers. Which hugely came from a drop of Honda Activa, which stand-alone de grew by more than 6.5Lakh units.


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