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India's Top 10 Selling Used Scooters & Bikes for 2020!

Updated: May 13, 2021

India is the global leader of two-wheelers volume in the world. Followed by us is China.

In India, commuters across all age groups use motorized vehicles, especially two-wheelers owing to the escalating population and rapid increase in traffic congestion, thereby making two-wheelers the most appropriate and convenient mode of transportation in urban areas.

The market has attained speedy growth over the period of five years from FY'2015 to FY'2020. The demand for used two-wheelers has seen a constant rise over the past few years, especially from models like Honda Activa, Aviator, TVS Jupiter, Bajaj Pulsar, and Discover. Even in terms of exports, two-wheelers produced in India are the proud products of the Make-in-India initiative where nearly 7 in 10 automobiles delivered out of India are two-wheelers. Type of Two Wheelers

  • Motorcycles

  • Scooters

  • Mopeds

Motorcycles are volume drivers of the two-wheeler industry they constitute a larger share of the pie. Primarily driven by Hero who is the market leader and also TVS and Bajaj. the motorcycle industry is ripe for young commuters to mileage enthusiasts.

The used bikes Industry in India has seen very exciting trends, we used to have old models where customers used to reach out to unorganized brokers for their bikes. Now, with the advent of new startups and organized players, the used bikes industry has seen a sea change. From warranty on used bikes to best prices to home service, the used bike industry has experienced a sea change.

The above list is not necessarily on the basis of ranking, rather these are the top 10 trending bikes online source

  • In the mass segment, we of course have the Hero Splendor, Bajaj Discover, Hero Passion, Honda CB Shine. These are primarily the Mass movers

  • In the slightly upper mass segment, we have the pulsar and apache along with Avenger with FZs.

  • The premium segment sees two Royal Enfield bikes which include their Classic.

The scooter industry was long forgotten when Bajaj had withdrawn its Chetak from the market, it was Honda Activa that turned around the market for all of us. Ever since Honda has been able to keep up with the demand and has ensured the product receives consistent refreshes. We do have flanking strategy adopted in the two-wheeler industry from Hero who has more than 3 scooters and Suzuki Access along with TVS has managed to make marginal inroads in the two-wheeler scooter segment.

  • Here again, Activa rules the market with Activa, Activa 3g, Activa 5g, Activa 125, and Activa 4g. Needless to say, whatever Activa does in the scooter segment, it is a big hit amongst the masses.

  • Suzuki Access and TVS Jupiter of course being the second-best alternatives, have acceptance in the used scooter segment as well.


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