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Long-Range Electric Cars in India

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

The World is in the throes of the rapidly expanding space being created by electric vehicles. This is spreading in India too. The threat to the IC engines by the EVs is seemingly more imminent now than ever. Almost every manufacturer has finalized their electrical vehicle entry.

The public concern raised by the common citizen and even the polity over the continually increasing fuel prices could only serve as a stimulus for this transformation happening faster than anticipated.

We share with you a list of long-range electric vehicles in India :


The Nexon EV comes with a 30.2kWh Li-ion battery which is paired to an electric motor rated at 129PS and 245Nm of peak performance outputs. The range claimed on a single charge is 312 km and the battery comes with an 8-year warranty and IP67 rating.

The Nexon EV has recently celebrated its 1st anniversary and is currently leading the sales charts of EVs in India. It is arguably, one of the best electric cars in India.


The Tigor EV is powered by a 72V, 3-Phase AC induction motor. The power output is 41 PS and a peak torque of 105 Nm. The electric motors produce plenty of initial torque and are quite quick, although power figures appear on the lower side.

The Tigor has a top speed of 80kmph and takes 12 seconds to reach 60 kmph from a standstill. The claimed range is 213 km with a 21.5kWh battery pack. It would take around 6-8 hours, with a normal charger, and 1.5-2 hours with a fast charger, for charging up to 80% of the car.


The ICE version of the Altroz has scored a 5-star safety rating and is a popular hatch, with its turbo variant especially. The Altroz electric would make a great addition to Tata’s EV stable and could launch in 2022.


Hyundai Kona Electric is equipped with a 39.2 kWh battery that powers an electric motor delivering peak power of 134BHP and peak torque of 395Nm of peak torque. There are four driving modes – Eco, Eco+, Comfort, and Sport. It also a feature of paddle shifters for adjusting regenerative braking. The company claims that the car can reach a speed of 100 km/h sprint time in 9.7 seconds.

The ARAI certified range is 452 km on a single charge.

80% of the Car battery can be charged in 57 minutes by the 50kW fast charger. There is also an option of installing a 7.2kW AC charger at home.

The Hyundai Kona Electric is a solid offering.


MG had introduced the ZS following the launch of the Hector in India

MG ZS EV is equipped with a 44.5kWH battery pack paired with synchronous motors. The maximum power output is 142 bhp and a peak torque:353 Nm. The range is 419 km on a single charge: comparable with the Kona Electric

The car can reach a speed of 100 kmph in 8.5 seconds. MG had introduced the ZS following the launch of the Hector in India. With 419 km, it is a pretty impressive long-range car.

Other Upcoming EV car models :


The model has been attracting a lot of aspiration and attention.

The Model 3 draws its power from a Li-ion battery equipped with dual motors. It could be offered in 3 variants – Standard plus, Long Range AWD, and Performance.

The car could reach a speed of 97 kph in 5.3s in Standard Plus and 3.1s in the Performance.

The range, as per variant would be 424km/568km/507km for the Standard Plus/Long Range AWD/Performance models respectively, on a single charge.Tesla’s network would be quipped with Superchargers and also provide the possibility of battery swap to the users.


Mahindra, the maker of the Reva and e2o, is to introduce 3 EVs shortly.

One of its popular models, XUV 300 is expected to get its electrical version in 2022.

As of now, Electric cars' price in India might seem very steep and prohibitively expensive, but with the various subsidies and schemes on the anvil, expect a lot of interest in these electrical offerings.


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