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Tata Motors Petrol, Diesel and Electric Cars Sales Analysis for FY2021

Tata Motors sold 2,22,025 Passenger Vehicles in India for FY2021 and the volumes shot up 69% when compared to 1,31,187 units sold in FY2020. Tata Motors had 80% of its sales coming from the Petrol models, 18% from Diesel models, and 2% from Electric models in FY2021.

Tata Motors has evolved itself to have a healthy engine mix and strengthened its overall portfolio. It has helped Tata place itself in a comfortable No.3 spot in the Manufacturer rankings. Tata Motors PV business registered its highest-ever annual sales in 8 years in FY2021 and the OEM is progressing towards a double-digit Market Share in FY2022 (source).

Tata Motors is also India's No.1 Electric PV maker. Nexon EV volumes shot up exponentially in FY2021 and helped Tata's Electric Car sales increase by a monumental 218% in FY2021 over FY2020. From sales of 1,325 Electric Cars in FY2020, Tata recorded sales of 4,216 Electric Cars in FY2021.

Petrol, Diesel and Electric Modelwise Contribution for Tata Motors -

  • Tata was able to register an increase in sales of all engine mix (Petrol/Diesel/Electric) in FY2021. However; the sales of Petrol and Electric models saw a significant rise.

  • Currently, Tata has Tiago which is a petrol-only model and Harrier/Safari duo which are diesel-only models. Rest all other models are available in Petrol/Diesel or Petrol/Diesel/Electric combination.

  • Tiago emerged as Tata's best selling petrol model in FY2021. Harrier was OEM's best-selling Diesel model and Nexon was obviously its largest selling electric car.

  • A large portion of Tata Diesel volumes comes from the Fiat-sourced 2.0L Multijet 16-valve four-cylinder turbo diesel engine. Tata's homegrown 1.5L Revotorq diesel contributes to just 44% of overall diesel sales for the OEM.

  • Spurt in Petrol sales signifies the tremendous shift Tata was able to bring among the consumers. Tata Motors was predominantly a diesel dominant player (due to its inclination in the fleet segment) and the transition towards Petrol models have helped the OEM gain acceptance among a larger base of customers.

  • Tata's strategy of entering the Electric SUV space with Nexon EV helped it dominate the segment in FY2021. Nexon EV has proven to be a game-changer for Tata Motors and along with Tigor EV the OEM’s Market Share in the Electric PVs shot up to 71.4% in FY2021.

Petrol, Diesel & Electric Modelwise Contribution for Tata Motors -

  • Tata's Petrol Models contribution increased from 71% in FY2020 to FY80% in FY2021. The overall increase in Petrol models is a positive sign for Tata Motors.

  • The Diesel volumes predominantly came from Harrier, Nexon & Safari. Altroz diesel sales lower when compared to Nexon and signify how hatchback buyers prefer petrol over diesel. Also, Nexon buyers are slowly preferring Petrol variants.

  • Nexon EV turned the fortunes for Tata Motors to establish it as the indomitable Market Leader in FY2021. The launch of Altroz EV will seal Tata's position in the segment even further.

The only missing link is the unavailability of CNG models in Tata's portfolio. We had earlier showcased how CNG car sales were at an all-time high in FY2021 and have helped Maruti/Hyundai gain volumes accordingly (source). Tata Motors is already testing the CNG version of the Tiago and OEM is expected to launch the CNG range soon. This shall complete Tata's presence in all the segments. Tata Motors has strategically aligned its range in the previous few years and is reaping its benefits. It will be interesting to see how Tata widens its presence in CNG/Electric range and enhances its share.


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