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This Year 2021 [JANUARY TO JUNE] Passenger Vehicle Analysis: MARUTI, HYUNDAI, TATA, KIA, MAHINDRA.

Analysis Period: January 2021 to June 2021. For comparison, we have taken Last Year 2020 and Also Last to Last Year 2019.

We have successfully completed half of the calendar year. The Key Highlights of the current year for the first half of the year are :

  • Maruti Retains Rank 1, followed by Hyundai. The surprise package is Tata Motors, which climbed up the ladder for a podium finish at Rank 3.

  • The highest growth in terms of Volume for TY v/s LY comes from Maruti with 3,08,266 units.

  • The highest growth in terms of Percentage of TY v/s LY came from Nissan at 383% followed by Tata Motors at 218.33%

  • The highest growth when compared to 2019 H1 v/s 2021 H1, came from Tata Motors at 57,554 units. Tata Motors also was the highest growth in terms of percentage for the same period at it stood at 63.46% growth.

  • The Highest Market Share was retained with Maruti Suzuki at 45.82%. However, the highest growth in market share came from Tata Motors at 3.62% over LY. and also 3.49% over LLY. Maruti continued to drop in market share and the market share drop over LY stood at 5.58% and over LLY stood at 5.25%


  • The Industry stood at 15,77,839 units this year. Of course, this was a handsome growth of 7,70,898 units over Last Year. However, when comparing the volumes over LLY, it remains kind of stagnant.

  • Maruti continued to rule the market as Rank1 with 7,23,028 units. Almost every second car sold in India comes from Maruti's factories. Hyundai moved back to the above 2.5Laksh range. Tata Motors was close to hitting the 1.5 lakh range in 2021 h1.

  • New Entrants Kia and MG have stabilized their volumes. Kia hitting close to the 1lakh range for h1 and MG hitting the above 21k range for H1.


  • When we compare the Industry of TY v/s LY, we observe the volumes have almost doubled. The Industry stood at a growth of about 95.53%. However, when we compare the Industry to LLY, it stood at 2.68% growth.

  • Very few OEMs have shown growth over LY and LLY. They are namely: Hyundai, Tata, & Renault. Rest all including Maruti have degrown over LLY.


  • The noteworthy change in market share has come from TATA MOTORS, which has grown over LY and LLY. Rest have registered marginal gains over LY. Maruti Suzuki came below 50% market share this year. The other significant impacts came from Kia, which made a strong entry with a 6%+ market share, however, TY the growth is slower as the volumes have started to stabilize. Renault, Ford & Skoda have also lost market share over LY.

With the H1 of the calendar showing how the auto industry has fought the challenges of chip shortage, logistical challenges, and pandemic lockdowns, H2 remains a more promising part of the year, where we can expect pent up demand and personal mobility to take the front seat and drive the industry towards stronger growth.


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