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Two Wheeler Model Wise Domestic and Exports Sales for Feb'21

The India Two-wheeler Domestic market experienced double-digit growth of about 10% for the month of February 2021, compared to February 2020. The volumes Stood at 14,70,802 TY Feb against 13,38,042 LY. Hero Continued to Dominate the market and ranked 1. Followed by Honda who was a close number two. And TVS stood at rank3 on the podium.

Domestic Sales

Find more details about the domestic dispatches here

Export Sales

On the export front, the growth came up to 15%, which was a healthy growth considering that few locations had challenges in terms of arranging for export productions.

The Volumes stood at 4,06,894 for TY Feb 2021 as against 3,52,649 against LY Feb 2021. Witnessing a growth of about 54,245 numbers for the month. The largest exporter was of course Bajaj which stood at rank 1, Followed by TVS at Rank2 and Honda at Rank 3.

OEM Wise – Model Wise – Domestic Sales & Exports.

  • At 1,83,629 units, Bajaj is the largest Two Wheeler exporter from India.

  • Boxer 100cc is the largest exported model for Bajaj wth exports of 90,912 units.

  • In the domestic market, Pulsar has the highest share with 76,516 ( across all CC ) units.

  • Hero continues to be rank 1, however, the lead is being challenged every month by Honda.

  • Splendour as a model alone has done more than 2,13,146 units. Which is more than many other OEMs put together.

  • Honda has delivered 31% growth in the domestic market. This is a reason for Hero to be concerned.

  • Activa alone has sold more than 2 lakh units.

  • Piaggio has achieved the highest growth in terms of percentage at 53%.

  • Royal Enfield has mixed baggage, with 3 models in degrowth and 3 in growth.

  • The Classic 350 continues to drive the volumes of Royal Enfield.

  • Suzuki had almost a flat month. However, the volumes continued to come from Access at 48,496

  • Rest all the models failed to touch the 10k mark for Suzuki

  • TVS exports have grown by a handsome 34% at a volume of 87,516 units

  • Domestic markets also grew by 15% for TVS. Ntorq and Apache contributed more than 50,000 units for TVS.

  • Yamaha de grew at 5%. Volumes stood at 55,488. The same was the case in exports with 12% de-growth and volumes stood at 20,688


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